Water Damage Photo Gallery

Dehumidifiers in a hallway

A Job Well Done

Water Damage Restoration in Oxford, OH

Water damage restoration includes more than just drying up water or restoring wet materials. Often, in the wake of water damage, water spores will continue to float in the air, elevating the humidity in the room. Our teams use equipment like the dehumidifiers pictured to balance the environment and prevent your home or business from ongoing issues.

Putting up new drywall after water damage in ceiling

Water Damaged Ceiling

Restoration Procedures

When our team was called to this local business in Oxford, we started with our inspection and found extensive water damage in the ceilings. 

To fully restore this property, our team had to remove the damaged materials in the ceiling. After we cleaned up the area, we replaced the drywall quickly. 

Drywall removed after water damage

Drying the Insulation

Wall Water Damage

Inside this Hamilton home, there was significant water damage within the walls. Leaks and broken pipes can cause water damage inside and behind your walls. 

Our team was on the job quickly to inspect the damages and begin the restoration process. We needed remove the drywall to dry the insulation. 

SERVPRO employee cleaning floor

Cleaning Your Home

After Water Damage

This home had standing water throughout the property. One of our SERVPRO of West Hamilton restoration specialists began removing and cleaning up the standing water immediately upon arrival. 

Our team is available 24/7 to help you after water damage inside your home or your business. We have the equipment needed for full restoration services. 

water damages

Excess Water Damages Linger

After water damages occur in your home, it is incredibly important to call a restoration company that you can trust. Ridding your property of all water ensures that damages will not linger or increase with time. 

water damage equipment

We've Got You Covered

SERVPRO of West Hamilton / Oxford is ready to respond 24/7 when water damages, like flooding or appliance leaks put a damper on your day. We strive to get you back inside as quickly as possible! 

two servpro workers working underneath a sink

Leaks Under Sinks

This picture shows two of our trusted trained professionals working on a water damage job. When temperatures drop, unfortunately burst pipes can occur. Luckily, SERVPRO of West Hamilton / Oxford has the equipment and training to take care of these emergencies quickly and efficiently.   

fleet of water damage equipment

Water Damage Cleanup

We're Here to Help

Our SERVPRO of West Hamilton / Oxford professionals were quickly on the way! Luckily, we have ample equipment and techniques to make the restoration process easy and swift. 

air movers removing flooding

Water Removal in Ohio

Air Movers Work to Remove Water in Ohio

This home was flooded and called our trained professionals at SERVPRO of West Hamilton/Oxford. When our crews arrived we knew we had the equipment (air movers are pictured here) to handle the situation. 

drying equipment in a room

Drying Equipment For Water Damage

Drying Equipment is crucial in the water damage restoration process. Our team at SERVPRO of West Hamilton/Oxford utilizes the most advanced technology on all mitigation and restoration projects. For 24/7 assistance after water damage, call SERVPRO!

water extraction device

Water Extraction

Water Restoration Process

The first step in the water restoration process is extraction. After we assess the damages, extraction is priority to limit secondary damages. SERVPRO of West Hamilton/Oxford is Faster to any size Disaster.

Team member extracting water.

Water Removal in Local Business

Water Removal in Hamilton, OH

Our team uses powerful pumps to properly and efficiently remove any water from your home or business in Hamilton, OH. When a water damage event occurs, give our SERVPRO team a call!

Drying equipment on kitchen floor.

Water Cleanup Near Me

Water Leak in Hamilton Kitchen

After a water leak or flooding in Hamilton, OH, do you know who you will call? Our SERVPRO of West Hamilton/Oxford experts can quickly and efficiently clean up and restore your water damage cleanup back to preloss conditions.

Water drying equipment in hallway.

Water Damage Cleanup Oxford

When it comes to water damage cleanup and restoration in Oxford, OH, do you know who you will call in the event of a water loss? It is important to plan ahead. Call SERVPRO of West Hamilton/Oxford today!

Drying equipment on floor.

Commercial Water Cleanup Near Me

There is no size water damage event that is too large for our SERVPRO of West Hamilton/Oxford team to handle! We have the experience, expertise, and equipment needed to properly and efficiently handle your water cleanup needs.

Standing water in basement floor.

Basement Water Removal

In need of water removal and cleanup services in Hamilton, OH? Don't worry! SERVPRO of West Hamilton/Oxford is available for immediate help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Don't hesitate and give our SERVPRO team a call today - (513) 737-8776!

Drying equipment on floor.

Water Cleanup Near Me

Our SERVPRO of West Hamilton/Oxford team is highly trained and experienced in water damage cleanup. If a leak, pipe burst, or flooding causes water damage to your Hamilton, OH home or business, give our SERVPRO Team a call for an immediate response!

Water extraction in action.

Water Extraction in Oxford, OH

Our SERVPRO of West Hamilton/Oxford team is in action extracting water! If your home or business in Oxford, OH suffers from a water damage event, it is important to call SERVPRO as quickly as possible. Waiting to call can result in secondary damages to your property.

Wet basement floor.

Water Cleaning Services in Hamilton

Water removal in Hamilton, OH

We understand how unfortunate and inconvenient a water leak is. When it comes to your water removal and cleanup needs, you can trust SERVPRO of West Hamilton/Oxford!

Drying equipment in a room.

What do I do after a water loss?

What do I do after a water leak in my home?

Don't worry! Call SERVPRO of West Hamilton/Oxford. Our SERVPRO crew services Hamilton and the surrounding areas. Call us for your water damage cleanup and restoration needs today!

Floors in an office with standing water.

Commercial Water Removal

It is important to know who to call for your water removal and cleanup needs. SERVPRO of West Hamilton/Oxford is highly trained in water damage cleanup and restoration. We serve Hamilton, OH and surrounding areas.

SERVPRO team member extracting water.

Water Extraction in Hamilton, OH

It is important to know who to call for your water removal and restoration needs. Our SERVPRO of West Hamilton/Oxford team offers a quick response to ANY size water damage event. Call us today!

Wet floors and equipment set up in basement.

Water Restoration in Hamilton, OH

There is never a convenient time for water damage to strike your Hamilton, OH property. If your home or business suffers from a water leak or flooding, please give our SERVPRO of West Hamilton/Oxford team a call!

Green drying equipment set up and running on the floor on a commercial property.

Water Damage in Hamilton, OH

Water damage in Hamilton, OH? Don't worry! SERVPRO of West Hamilton/Oxford is always ready to help. Our crew offers quick emergency response to your water damage 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Give us a call today!

A SERVPRO crew member in action extracting water in the bedroom of a water damaged home.

Water extraction in action!

Our SERVPRO of West Hamilton/Oxford team in action extracting water after a local home in Hamilton, OH suffered water damage. Our crew is highly trained and experienced in water damage cleanup and restoration. Give us a call today!

Providing air & odor control

Using modern equipment and techniques to provide air movement and decrease odor. If water loss is not treated right away mold growth can occur. We are "faster to any size disaster." Give SERVPRO a call today! (513) 737-8776

Tips on Water Loss

Tip 1: Remove all excess water that you can by mopping or using a wet vac. Tip 2: Move all wet fabric materials, such as pillows, blankets, and upholstery to a dry safe place. Tip 3: Do not use any electronics in your house, especially the TV. 

The Drying Game

The drying and dehumidification process in action. SERVPRO of West Hamilton/Oxford uses a six step water restoration method. Give us a call next time your residence or commercial property is in need of remediation services. 

Commercial Drying Equipment

The SERVPRO drying equipment is up and running on a commercial job site after a water loss.

If you experience a water loss in your home or your business, give SERVPRO of West Hamilton/Oxford a call!

Helping a Hamilton Business!

After a call from this Hamilton business, our crews were on site removing water from these offices.

We worked for several hours extracting water and setting drying equipment. 

Water Soaked Insulation

In this image, you can see insulation that has been soaked by a heavy water loss. If you have a water problem like this in your home, give us a call. We are faster to any size disaster.

Restoring Documents

When this medical facility experienced a large water loss, we discovered the wet documents pictured here. We were able to assist in restoring these documents. If you have a water loss like this, call SERVPRO.

Ready For Any Size Loss

Our team is equipped and ready to handle any size water loss, any time. There was a large water loss at this local hotel and our team delivered on a fast response and a speedy restoration.

Drying Equipment In Salon

Our team was called in to restore this salon after a water loss. We were on site quickly and got right to work getting the place dry. We used the equipment you see here to help do that.

Why We Use Drying Equipment

When moisture is left for more than 24-48 hours, secondary damage such as mold can occur. That is why you will often see us using equipment, such as you see pictured here, to help dry up the moisture more quickly.

Expansion tank failure

Plumbing Mishap

Here to Help

This is a picture of a thermal expansion tank that suffered a catastrophic failure resulting in severe water damage at a local West Chester church.

The SERVPRO of West Hamilton/Oxford team arrived quickly to dry the structure and remove the damaged materials getting it ready for services.